School Meals Coalition

Rome, Italy

CLIENT: School Meals Coalition by World Food Programme

The School Meals Coalition (the Coalition) is an emerging initiative of the United Nations, governments, and multi-stakeholder partners, to re-establish, improve and scale-up food and education systems urgently, support pandemic recovery, and drive actions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The goal is to ensure every child has access to a healthy, nutritious meal in school by 2030.

In partnership with the World Food Programme’s (WFP) School Meals division, 196 was able to help plan the Coalition’s global launch end-to-end. Since its origins, 196 has supported the Coalition’s launch events, development of its branding and communications tools, and guidance for partnership fostering and expansion.

Now the coalition has more than 140+ partners and countries involved and has launched five initiatives that empower countries to prioritize school meals as a health, nutrition, and education solution.

196 developed the creative direction, branding, and promotional campaign for the first School Meals Coalition Week 2022, ahead of the First Ministerial Meeting hosted by the Minister for Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade of Finland, Ville Skinnari, in Helsinki.

In addition, the agency provided guidance with programming, speaker toolkits, and media strategies to amplify the purpose of events, magnify partner engagement, and keep the audience involved while ensuring the widest audience reach.

We are grateful for all of the creative and communications support the 196 team provided in helping to launch and expand the School Meals Coalition. 196 was a pivotal partner and it was a pleasure working with their dynamic female team of creatives.
Carmen Burbano

Director of the World Food Programme’s School-Based Programmes Division

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