Qualcomm Nightcap
Davos, Switzerland

The After Dark Soirée, an elegant Swiss-French inspired party nestled in the mountains of Davos. The Qualcomm Haus at the World Economic Forum 2023 transcended from a space that hosted meetings to after dark fun. An exclusive nightcap welcomed guests with liquor aperitifs at the lounge’s threshold. The atmosphere came alive as a classically trained artist serenaded the night away. A golden arch entrance of seasonal flowers, and lanterns illuminated the way into a bohemian evening of delights. 

Inside the party a wall of champagne greeted guests with Swiss and French bubbles that paired specifically with local fare displayed around the room. In the southern corner, a wall of beers from Germany & Switzerland paired perfectly with pretzels hanging from the ceiling. Adjacent to the beer tasting was a private salon that served handcrafted, one-of-a-kind Bourbon tastings from Kentucky with Swiss chocolates to compliment the essence. As the guests continued through the space in a flow of indulgence, they concluded their tour in the back room, secretly designed as a Swiss/German beer hall that boasted a fondue experience matched with a local family-made snaps to aid as a digestivé.

We concluded the night with inspirational toasts from the Prime Minister Xavier Bettel of Luxembourg, Minister for Digital Transition and Telecommunications, Mr. Jean-Noël Barrot of France, and Cristiano Amon, CEO of Qualcomm.