Qualcomm at the World Economic Forum

196 is the agency behind The Qualcomm Haus events and its architectural design.

Continuously since 2013 the agency has produced The Qualcomm’s Village during The World Economic Forum, in the hills of Davos, Switzerland.

196 has spearheaded the conceptualization, design, and construction of the architectural aesthetic for Qualcomm’s Village at WEF, continually adapting to current trends and forging strategic partnerships to evolve the village’s appearance annually. The week is enhanced by thoughtful hospitality experiences for all guests; daily gastronomic delights for private events; and the famous nightcap.

Partners and special guests of Qualcomm including Prime Minister Xavier Bettel of Luxembourg, Minister for Digital Transition and Telecommunications, Mr. Jean-Noël Barrot of France, and Chair, CEO, and Founder of Salesforce, Mr. Marc Benioff, have attended the curated Nightcap for consecutive years.

The Village consists of three spaces: The Qualcomm Haus, the Snapdragon Lounge, and the Kollab, where selected partners collaborate. The Qualcomm Haus is an executive space to coalesce new partnerships and host private gatherings. The Snapdragon Lounge is a coffee lounge, offering space for participants to network and bi-lateral meetings to happen. The Kollab, where Axios House Davos came alive – it hosts recording-interview events that gathers leaders from the industry delivering thoughtful programming with delightful branding & hospitality touch points.

Along with built-out spaces, the village had a large billboard to mark the company’s presence at the forum.

Fighting for the stars: So many events in Davos on Tuesday night competing with one another for the stars of global NGOs and purpose-directed CEOs, Steve Clemons writes: Among the winners was Qualcomm’s nightcap, which drew top NSC and State Department staffers supporting Jake Sullivan and Antony Blinken. But the biggest fish that Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon reeled in was Marc Benioff, the Salesforce CEO and Time owner. Benioff stayed long enough to listen to extensive speeches from key European leaders who pushed through the EU AI Act. He may also have shared one of the week’s best-kept secrets, who the entertainment will be at the big Salesforce party. I wouldn’t be able to reveal that. But he did say: “Steve, this is music for our generation!”