Axios House

196 is proud to support the launch of the AXIOS House – making its official debut in Dubai for United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change COP28 and at Davos for the World Economic Forum 2024.

The Axios House is a foundational space built adjacent to global gatherings, where world leaders and thematic experts take the stage to amplify innovative ideas, groundbreaking conversations, and newsworthy announcements.

The House’s interior design and hospitality program is designed to be a traveling newsroom that transitions from a recording studio to fireside chats to evening events with curated local food and beverage for the audience. 

196 orchestrated the daily operations of the house; set the interior design elements, placing the brand creatively within the environment; effectively enhanced partnership agreements; managed the production of live programming events; and developed hospitality and guest experiences, including meticulously planned all-day food and beverage menus.

196 provided hands-on experience to ensure live-recording and management of the program smoothly transitioned from one event to the next, and from one global gathering to the next, as was the case for COP29 & WEF’24.

196 has demonstrated unparalleled expertise and creativity in their event production work globally. Their meticulous planning and execution have set a new standard for excellence. From concept to implementation, 196 has seamlessly woven together innovation and precision, creating unforgettable experiences that captivate and inspire. We look forward to continued collaboration on future endeavors.
Kristin Burkhalter

SVP, Events & Creative Strategy at Axios